Skrill safe

skrill safe

www. I'm trying to send money to someone who's paypal is blocked (don't ask), but i'm unsure if this is a safe method for hiding my. This user bought BTC from me and sent euro to my Skrill account, but a couple days later the Skrill staff blocked my account and. I have heard Skrill (Moneybookers) is a scam and fraud. Is it really true? Firstly, for MasterCard cards, Payment gateways DO NOT accept transactions, but do for. skrill safe

Skrill safe - nur

Steve, did you get your matter resolved? I have a complaint with skrill, i have received a refund from paypal into my skrill card and until today nothing has been credited into my skrill account or card, i have opened cases with this issue and they keep closing them without give me a solution or answer, very bad costumer support,. Call them and the guy who answers seems to be asleep and has no idea of anything. BUT she did not get any chance to withdraw the money. Remember to do research before committing money to websites. Since then my account has been suspended and I have been trying to resolve this for nearly a week. Skrill is a registered trademark of Skrill Limited. Been a week now and when I call them they saw the query has been escalated to investigation team. Their customer service response is a robotic monkey of an employee reading from a script, yes a script, giving the same exact speech and options every time I. I am never using Skrill again after this! They wanted ID, ok fine. He could have easily checked that on his system that it was blocked; but he kept saying it was active! I have had a Skrill account for several years and recently was unable to log in to my account. Their site skrill safe unclear instruction that I though my account has been fully verified.


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